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Yolanda Finger

Hello, I am Yolanda. I am a lifelong traveler, and self proclaimed student of life. My favorite thing to do is learn about culture and see new places. I am also the resident Disney expert. Having completed countless courses through Disney's College of Knowledge. My first vacations as a kid were road trips around the American southwest. My first airplane ride was going to Disneyland, and finally getting to see the beach. Since then, I have visited every Disney park in the U.S., and made a bucket list that includes visiting every state in the union. I absolutely love planning vacations for anyone and everyone. The excitement of listing out your dates and first hearing where you want to go, is so fun for me, and it also adds adventures to my own travel to do list. Contact me anytime you are ready to plan your next trip!

My Big Win to the Hard Rock Resort in Cancun

One of the greatest perks of being a travel agent is sampling the product. 2 years ago, I won a free stay at the Hard Rock Resort in Cancun.  It was my first big win and it would be my first time going down to Cancun.  We were greeted like rock stars. Our room was beautiful, we had a huge corner balcony and a Jacuzzi right in our room.  Our pool overlooked the ocean and there was never a dull moment. themed pool parties, (I learned to make a balloon animal), and gourmet snacks delivered by the kitchen staff, we didn't have to even get out of the pool! When we were done being catered to in the pool, we had access to a number of restaurants and room service if we needed a rest. The staff was fantastic. If we couldn't find what we liked they did their very best to accommodate us. An all inclusive vacay is an absolute must. Everyone deserves to experience at least once, it may become the only you'll travel.

I Vegas Too Much

Can anyone really "Vegas" "too much"?  Maybe not. It is a crazy fun party the whole you're there. My last few times there have been very different from each other. I have stayed at the Days Inn wild Wild West for Viva Las Vegas. I have stayed at the ultra posh Caesar's Palace. And a palace it is, too. But I still think my favorite is The Aria. I love a good spa and this one has a fantastic spa. With not one, but 2 co-ed areas. Sometimes it gets lonely in there without the hubby. The Aria also has a spectacular poker room for the chip shuffler in your life. I have picked up more than a few secrets on leaving the airport too so feel free to contact me to plan your next Vegas Vacation.

Florida Dream Vacation

In February, we were able to travel with a Cheer Team to Orlando, FL. My daughters team made it to Nationals and I was able to go as a chaperon.  Group travel is both scary and super easy. Although there were 24 of us traveling, it was a breeze. From checking our luggage to boarding to checking into the hotel,everything went smoothly. Being inside the parks where 1000's of cheerleaders were also running around was quite a sight to see. But, Disney does not allow anyone to have a bad time, so we were able to play and have fun without any hassle.  We were even able to double ride some of our favorite attractions. Every time I visit a Disney park, I pick up some more valuable tips on making your stay fantastic. Message me and I can help you plan your next magical Disney vacation.

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