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Destination Weddings - USA


Welcome to Sheraton Maui

The Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa is the premier location for a dream Hawaiian vacation. Situated on Kaanapali Beach, the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa is the most romantic escape in all the Hawaiian Islands… the dramatic point at which the legendary Black Rock of Kaanapali meets the ocean. Anchored by the Black Rock itself, this spectacular Maui hotel beckons hopeless romantics and discerning honeymooners.

Ft Myers & Sanibel

The beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel are known for their inviting soft sand white beaches. Where you can find world class resorts and venue options.  Work with local wedding planners to guide you through arrangements from acquiring licenses to securing vendors to make your special day memorable.  

Side note about the beauty of these beaches.  Thousands of gorgeous seashells wash up on the shore daily. There is even a National Seashell Day every year in June. They are, of course, homes to different sea creatures and when abandoned are left as tiny works of art reminding us of natures mysterious ways. Every shell you find is your souvenir to keep, only if, however, it's former resident has already moved out.

Miami Beach

With a breathtaking selection of unique tropical venues, The Palms Hotel & Spa provides the perfect place for beginning your journey together. From the simple splendor of a casual dinner buffet amidst the lush greenery and dangling orchids, to a seaside ceremony and elegant reception on our plantation style veranda or ballroom, our hotel offers the perfect backdrop for your wedding in Miami. We invite you to enjoy each moment of your special day while our professional team skillfully attends to every detail to ensure a perfect and truly unforgettable event.

Las Vegas

A fun extravagant close to home wedding, where your friends and family can join you for a fun filled getaway. Sure you've seen Vegas weddings in movies, but really the choices are endless. Of course Elvis can administer the vows, of course the Little White Chapel is available year round.  But if you would like a more traditional style ceremony, with your loved ones there to share in your joy, Vegas has what you are looking for. The sky really is the limit.
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