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Getting Married Vegas Style

Hunka Hunka Burning Love

It's Vegas Baby! Of course Black Velvet is there to get you hitched.  So, If you Can't Help Falling In Love, get out of that Heartbreak Hotel, throw on your Blue Suede Shoes, It's Now or Never, to say Love Me tender, Baby! Call us today if it's your lifes dream to be married by Elvis!

Drive Through

Small Ceremony

Go All the Way

Vegas has many options for the classic "Drive-thru" nuptials.  You even have the option of adding a rose bouquet and photo session.

In addition to casinos and shows, the city of Las Vegas prides itself on the wide variety of venues for weddings, with wedding coordinators on hand to personalize your special day.

Planning a wedding can be very hectic. But, you want all the classic wedding activities, cake, toast, first dance, all your friends and loved ones to be there with you. With the amount of lovely venues to choose from, you can have that dream wedding of being married in a French Villa by Elvis! 

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